Male Chastity Play - Milking The Prostate Keeps It Healthy

True or False?

Milking The Prostate Regularly Can Prevent Disease

In the early 1980s, a Russian space mission was forcibly cancelled and required to return to Earth months ahead of schedule. What was the reason for this sudden change in plans? Did the spacecraft fail? Did they run out of food or water? Did they, perhaps, encounter unfriendly aliens who threatened their lives?

In fact, it was none of the above. The surprisingly simple reason had to do with a handy but sensitive little gland called the prostate. Crew member Vladimir Vasyutin had developed a prostate infection, which had caused the gland to swell and left him in extreme pain with the inability to urinate properly. As there was no way of treating his condition in space, the entire mission needed to be abandoned.

But what does this have to do with the male chastity lifestyle? Well, ever since this mission, all would-be Russian cosmonauts have been forced to undergo regular prostate milking – having their prostates stimulated by a medical professional until they reached orgasm multiple times - before being allowed to go to space.

While this was surely embarrassing for the Russian men involved, this somewhat strange requirement led to a fantastic discovery:

Milking the prostate regularly can prevent disease.

That’s right! Scientific studies discovered that the cosmonauts’ required “treatment” led to improved prostate health which lasted years and years beyond their time in space.

Wait, wait, you’re probably saying right about now. You’re playing a joke on me. That story is just a myth. There’s no way it can be true!

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? That something so simple – something that can even be pleasurable, in fact – can also keep men healthy and prevent diseases such as cancer?

But, fortunately for all the men out there – even the ones with their cocks currently locked up! – the answer to the question above is most definitely…


That’s right, this one simple process not only can serve as a way for a Goddess to exert control over her caged slave (see here for more information) it can also ensure that that slave lives a long, happy, healthy life!

Just How Great is the Prostate?

The prostate is a small gland located between the rectum and the bladder. It is about the size and shape of a walnut or Life Saver candy and can be felt either through the rectal wall or by pressing on the perineum (the strip of flesh between the cock/balls and the ass area).

  • It performs many important functions when it comes to keeping men healthy. Here are just a few of the amazing things which the prostate can do!
  • Produces milky white prostate fluid, an important ingredient in semen. The prostate fluid protects the sperm from urine, bacteria and any other outside sources which might damage them
  • Helps regulate the release of hormones by the brain, especially those related to reproduction such as testosterone
  • Ensures that the bladder and the testicles are unable to release at the same time. This is what makes sure that men never accidentally pee while they’re trying to cum or vice versa!
  • Allows for ejaculation without stimulating the penis, which is very helpful for men suffering from muscle pain or damage or even impotence

Prostate Health Risks

It’s no surprise, with how much the prostate does for us, that it’s extremely important to keep this special little gland happy and healthy at all times. Unfortunately, due to its small size and sensitive nature, the prostate is at risk for a number of serious and potentially long-term health conditions.

First off, as men get older, the prostate can naturally grow larger than it was in their youth. This is especially common in men over the age of 40. An enlarged prostate can make urinating and ejaculating difficult and even painful to do. It is for this reason that men, usually those over the age of 30, should have regular prostate examinations to check for signs of enlargement when they visit the doctor or urologist.

A more severe potential concern is prostatitis, in which the prostate not only becomes larger, but also tender, swollen, irritated and possibly even painful. Prostatitis is almost always caused by a bacterial infection. It can be acute – short term but severe – chronic – frequently recurring -- or even asymptotic – chronic, but with an irregular spread of symptoms manifesting at different times.

In addition to having difficulty peeing or experiencing an orgasm, men with any form of prostatitis might even find themselves unable to get or maintain an erection at all. They may also have lower testosterone levels, which can lead to loss of hair and wrinkled or faded skin. There may be less blood flow in the genital region, leading to feelings of tingling, numbness or even complete loss of sensation. Lastly, they may lose muscle control in the area, resulting in difficulty controlling their bladder or bowels.

Worst of all, prostate cancer is currently the most commonly occurring form of cancer in men all around the world. Because the prostate is so small and is located in such an “out of the way” part of the body, where many men do not regularly touch, it can be difficult to detect and can even go unnoticed for long periods of time.

Like all forms of cancer, prostate cancer can cause long-term health issues, require extensive treatment such as chemotherapy and, in some situations, even be potentially fatal.

Why Regularly Milking Your Prostate Can Help

All of the health problems listed above probably sound pretty scary to you. Luckily, there is a simple way to drastically reduce you or your partner’s risk of contracting any of these illnesses. The answer, of course, is the topic of this article – prostate milking!

Prostate milking refers to any release of semen (which, as you’ll remember, is composed of sperm and prostate fluid) caused by stimulating the prostate. Some men can successfully be milked via stimulating their prostate alone; others require the additional stimulation of the penis, testicles or other erogenous zones.

If your cock is locked in a chastity cage, you may find that prostate milking is the only way in which you can release any semen at all. This is because it does not need to involve your penis directly and does not result in the contraction of muscles in the penis associated with a “standard” orgasm. Your prostate can be successfully milked without removing the cage at all.

If you’re a keyholder who is reading this, you may be wondering – why on Earth should I care about this? Why not just not let him have any orgasms or releases at all? That’s what chastity is all about, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The prostate fluid which makes up so much of your caged man’s semen is stored within the prostate itself, in a series of sacs called acini. The only way for the prostate fluid to exit the acini is via ejaculation. Otherwise, it will just stay there forever.

What does this mean? Well, to put it simply, when a man is not allowed to ejaculate at least every so often, the fluid in his prostate will stagnate and bacteria will be allowed to grow. This will dramatically increase his risk of developing the health conditions discussed above, including prostatitis and even prostate cancer. It will also begin making day to day tasks such as urinating extremely painful.

Regularly milking his prostate and allowing semen to exit the body will drastically decrease the risk of developing a serious health problem. Bacteria will be cleared out and any inflammation, swelling or tenderness in the area will go down almost immediately. It will also make urinating and ejaculating easier and more comfortable. Blood flow in the area will be improved, testosterone levels will rise, and his muscles – particularly those of the pelvic floor – will even become stronger!

So, as you can see, milking the prostate is an extremely important task to perform. See our informative guide here for detailed step by step instructions on how to milk his prostate as well as here for how to keep it spicy and sexy even when it feels like merely a clinical process.

How Often to Milk Him?

Of course, one brief question still remains to be answered. How often should you milk your caged man’s prostate?

We admit it. It’s a difficult balance to strike. You need to release his fluid often enough to flush out the nasty bacteria building up in the prostate ducts. But, if you milk him too often, it could possibly give him too much pleasure and defeat the purpose of keeping him in chastity – which is, of course, to deny him both pleasure and release.

At Lock the Cock, we personally recommend a milking no less frequently than once every six weeks if you’re feeling extra cruel, with once every month being perhaps better for a more regular schedule. If your caged man DOES happen, despite his regular milkings, to develop a health condition such as prostatitis or any other inflammation or swelling of the area, we recommend increasing the milkings to once per week until his health is restored.

Of course, your caged man should also attend regular appointments with a doctor or urologist in order to have his prostate examined for potential concerns. You can also make sure that his daily diet is filled with foods known to improve prostate health, including tomatoes, avocado, fish, soybeans, and whole grains.

With regular doctor’s visits, a healthy diet, and of course milking, your caged slave will stay happy and healthy throughout his chastity lifestyle without any risk of developing dangerous prostate conditions. He’ll be perky and full of energy – in other words, he’ll be perfect for you to control, tease and deny to your heart’s content!