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The Good Slave's Guide to Manscaping

If you’ve been enjoying chastity for a while you should know by now that it’s not just for your pleasure. Your Mistress should get just as much joy from locking you up as you do!

Since she goes to so much effort to look good and indulge your fantasies, it’s only fair that you do the same. What better way to treat her than making an effort to look your best?

What is Manscaping?

What is Manscaping?

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you might be wondering what we’re talking about. Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple.

Manscaping is the simple act of taking a little extra pride in your looks, and tidying up all that hair growing around your body.

It’s a simple fact that men are generally hairier than women, but until recently grooming was something largely viewed as just for women. Like always though, times are a-changing, and many men have taken to trimming all their unsightly hair to appeal to the ladies. As a slave, you should be no different!

Why Manscape?

So you know what manscaping is, but now you’re wondering: why bother? Well aside from the obvious fact that some women prefer men who don’t look like they’ve just walked straight out of the jungle, there are some obvious reasons to practise a little pubic trimming when you’re involved in male chastity.

Reasons to Manscape

The Look: A slave is only there for Mistress’s pleasure, so it’s only right that you look exactly the way she wants you to. If she wants shaved armpits, grab that razor and get shaving! Stay on her good side and you might find she’s more willing to indulge you.

Hygiene: Nobody can deny that when you start to wear a cage for longer periods of time, things can get a little gross. It’s nothing personal, even the cleanest slave still sweats! With a good shave you can make the whole area easier to keep clean, and with less hair you’ll probably get less sweaty too.

Pain: If you’re sporting a healthy bush, you’ve probably encountered tangles or tugs when your hair gets caught in the cage, lock or hinges. Remove the hair and you’ll completely avoid this problem.

Comfort: Let’s face it. Sometimes patches of body hair can just be plain uncomfortable. Keeping things neat and tidy can help your cage fit better, and make the whole chastity experience much more comfortable.

Tips for Your First Trim

Doing the Deed

Most slaves should be used to feeling the shudder of fear from their chastity activities, but nothing can make a man tremble like putting sharp objects near his sensitive areas. Luckily the process can be simple and painless with these tips.

Choose Your Style: Don’t go into a male grooming session blind. Make sure you know what you want to achieve before you start and the process will be much easier.

Choose Your Equipment: You have a pretty simple choice; razor or trimmer. Razors will get a closer shave, but you’ll need to use shaving foam or oil so the blades glide smoothly over your skin. With a trimmer, you can choose between a few different lengths, and don’t have to go completely bald.

Set Up Your Area: Getting to all the nooks and crannies of your nether regions isn’t an easy task. Setting up a mirror to help you see the harder to reach areas, and a towel to catch the hair, can make your job much easier.

Be Gentle and Take Your Time: It can take a while to get to all the deeper recesses and achieve the trim you desire. Try not to get frustrated or rush. One small mistake can result in a lot of pain. If you find yourself getting annoyed, take a deep breath, step back for a minute, and try again.

Keep Caring Constantly: Once you start grooming, you’ll need to keep on top of things. If you’ve gone for a clean shave then there’s the risk of ingrown hairs so make sure to keep a treatment on hand. Once your hair starts growing back you might find the stubble stage to be a bit irritating, so make sure to use a good conditioner to soften the hair.

Mowing the Whole Lawn

Just because your pubes are the only area that matter for cage-comfort, there’s no reason not to start a grooming regimen for your entire body. Armpits, chest hair, even eye brows! Give Mistress the whole package and feel a million dollars while you do.

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