Richard's Saddle Belt
Richard's Saddle Belt
Richard's Saddle Belt
Richard's Saddle Belt
Richard's Saddle Belt
Richard's Saddle Belt

Do you want to relinquish your freedom to someone else when it comes to having sex and orgasms?

Submission to a dominant is a fetish only those in BDSM relationships fully understand. They know this is a thrill that provides a gratifying experience that's why they always look forward to their next session.

Taming your sexual urges is akin to capturing a wild animal in the city and caging it momentarily to be released later on when they're brought back to their natural habitat. When the caged beast is released to return home, its natural instincts take over to help them survive on their own. When your dominant master unlocks your chastity device, you're freed from captivity so you can finally give in to your sexual urges.

Your dominant forces you to wear a chastity belt to instill discipline and help you understand who's in charge.

Only when you get this right, will be the time you'll be ready to take on more punishment because every session becomes more sexually gratifying.

With our Richard's Saddle Male Chastity Belt, you have the perfect device to help you train yourself to become worthy in your master's eyes.

Now, if you're worried about keeping it in optimum condition, there's no need to worry as you only need soap and water. Be sure to clean it on a regular basis because it's one of the ways you can please your dominant. Failure to do this would inevitably mean punishment.

Get your hands on our product so you can look forward to your next session. Come in prepared in full battle gear because when your master is happy, sessions are definitely more exciting.

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Color/Type Black and Silver
Material Silicone and Stainless Steel
Cock Ring Diameter(inches) 1.38 inches
Butt Plug Dimensions(inches) 4.53 inches (Length) with different bead sizes - 0.79, 0.87, 1.02, and 1.10 inches


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Richard's Saddle Belt

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