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Locked and Loaded Male Chastity Belt 35.43 inches to 43.31 inches waistline

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discreet guaranteed

Are you looking for a chastity device that reminds you what it's like to be favored in your master's eyes?

Because abject humiliation and torture are the things that make BDSM relationships so alluring, this device allows you to experience them all at the same time!

You'll continuously beg for mercy as our Locked and Loaded Male Chastity Belt comes with a butt plug and enclosure for your cock to remind you who's in charge.

It comes with a lock that means taking it off is only possible when your dominant takes the key to unlock it. The build-up of frustration gets released once the chastity device is taken off and makes you a hungry lion ready to devour its prey.

To get yourself psychologically ready, you must start training yourself to develop the right kind of mindset. With this goal in mind, try ordering this product as soon as possible so that when you receive it in front of your doorstep, you can discreetly wear it to see how it feels.

You just have to be patient as getting accustomed to wearing this device takes some time until it feels normal. Once you're past this stage, don't forget to keep it clean because your master will surely demand it.

As you can see, everything in the world of BDSM may feel strange at first, but when things start to make sense, you'll be proud of yourself that you made the obvious choice to be a part of it.

What are you waiting for? Order now and take the first steps on your journey to become a submissive!

Color/Type Black and Silver
Material Silicone with Stainless Steel
Waistline 35.43 inches to 43.30 inches
Anal Beads Dimensions 4.68 inches (Length) by 1.1 inches (Diameter)