Bendy Bruno Metal Restraint 6.30 inches long
Bendy Bruno Metal Restraint 6.30 inches long
Bendy Bruno Metal Restraint 6.30 inches long
Bendy Bruno Metal Restraint 6.30 inches long

Finally, a cock cage that's worth for those who are favored with the length. Have we got a perfect male chastity device for you! We hope you've been taking some yoga lessons for your cock because you might need that when you're wearing the Bendy Bruno Metal Chastity Device. Take a good long look at him. He's simple but sophisticated, bland but exciting. You might be thinking that it looks boring but wait until you have it on. You'll never forget about it.

You're in for a twist of a lifetime. Bendy Bruno Metal Chastity Device is forged from high-quality stainless steel. The distinct--almost 90 degree--structure is the first thing that will catch your eye. Your flaccid cock is flexible enough to fit into this bad boy and you won't be able to feel a thing, unless you start to get sexually aroused, of course. If Master or Mistress would be kind enough to keep you decent whilst you have this on, you're one lucky sissy. We originally wanted to call this The Watering Cock because you already know why, but you know we're never gonna call it that. The resemblance is the spitting image of it. Perforations at the bottom of the cage resemble those of a sprinkler, meaning this cage is well-ventilated and able to wear while you urinate. It might get a little messy, though. We'll let your partner decide for that.

A padlock is used to secure your meat stick in place. Three keys are provided for your keyholder. Let Bendy Bruno Metal Chastity Device  into your lives and experience BDSM and chastity like never before.

Color/Type Silver Penis Ring
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Dimension (inches) 1.77 inches, 1.97 inches
Cock Cage Dimension 6.30 inches (Length) by 1.46 inches (Inner diameter)


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Bendy Bruno Metal Restraint 6.30 inches long

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