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Prison Cell Metal Chastity Device 3.35 inches long

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Do you want to take your playtime in the bedroom to the next level? Cuffing up your hands and feet might already be common to you. But have you ever tried cuffing up your cock? Yes, that exists thanks to one of our male chastity devices, Prison Cell Metal Chastity Device. Get ready to take your BDSM life to new heights with this cock cage.

The Prison Cell Metal Chastity Device is a literal prison cell, and your cock is an actual prisoner. Finally, some real "pretend play". This jailhouse is made from stainless steel and alloy materials to ensure a top quality build. The cage resembles actual prison cell bars that you can open and close, as well as providing some exposure for Master or Mistress to toy with. Having your cock exposed also means you can urinate and take a bath whilst still having it on. Moving on to the cock ring, it is shaped like an actual handcuff proving you to be Master's or Mistress's little prisoner. The ring is adjustable to fit multiple sizes. To complete the ensemble, a padlock is used to lock your cock and "be taken away". Three keys to your freedom are provided. All for your dominant lover. Last time we remember, prisoners never hold the keys to their cell.

Your cop partner will surely love to play around with this chastity device with you. Be a slave and please your partner by showing them who's boss. The Prison Cell Metal Chastity Device 3.35 inches long is going change how you spend each love-sesh with your sexy superior. Lock him up!

Color/Type Silver Penis Ring
Material Stainless Steel, Alloy
Ring Dimension (inches) Adjustable: minimum 1.61 inches; maximum 2.13 inches
Cock Cage Dimension 3.35 inches (Length) by 1.42 inches (Inner Diameter)