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Double Locked Cock Male Chastity Device 2.56 inches long

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discreet guaranteed

Living a life of chastity or casually having a good time with BDSM can be such a challenge sometimes. Especially, if you're looking for devices that best work for you and your partner if you have one. Worry no more. Introducing the Double Locked Cock Male Chastity Device 2.56 inches long! This cock cage is best for those who can't help but pleasure themselves, or if they just want to be humiliated by their dominant partners and fulfill their sexual desires and needs.

This stainless steel closure prevents your cock from being exposed and prone to temptations. The Double Locked Cock Male Chastity Device features multiple air holes for ventilation (because you still need to be comfortable while being humiliated and tortured) as well as a hole in the middle for urinating. This cock cage has double locks for double the heat and excitement from both you and your partner. If you're into some cock and ball sexual play, this chastity device is perfect for that as well. Only your balls remain out in the open as they are sandwiched between the cock cage and base ring.

Daily cleansing of the cock cage is recommended due to its enclosure to prevent unpleasant odors, discomfort, infections, and skin rashes. Dry under low setting with a hairdryer. A water-based lubricant is also recommended to aid in caging in your penis. After all of that, you are now ready to experience the time of your life--depending on your purpose of using it, of course. The Double Locked Cock Male Chastity Device is available in four different cock ring diameter sizes: 1.49 inches, 1.61 inches, 2.00 inches, and 2.24 inches.

Color/Type Silver
Material Stainless Steel Penis Ring
Ring Dimension(inches) 1.49 inches; 1.61 inches; 2.00 inches; 2.24 inches
Cock Cage Dimension Length: 2.56 inches; Inner Diameter: 1.25 inches