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Bent Bruce Metal Chastity Device 2.36 inches long

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discreet guaranteed

Probably one of our most peculiar cock cages. Not the usual structure for a chastity device, we know. You may or may not be having any mixed feelings with this one (which is a good thing). We hope that this won't be sending you to the emergency room after 20 minutes and end up suing us. Caution and care are both crucial for this device. Are you ready to take that challenge? Then let us introduce you to Bent Bruce Metal Chastity Device 2.36 inches long.

The Bent Bruce Metal Chastity Device is made from high-quality stainless steel, sturdy enough to restrain your cock from doing other things Master or Mistress wouldn't want to catch you doing. Medically speaking, the penis does not contain any bones and is very flexible when flaccid. No need to worry about whether or not this will do any damage internally or externally. What will be damaging is if you attempt any sexual urges with this cage on. Master or Mistress better not be doing anything provocative as you wear it. Good luck squeezing your cock into this one. The perforation at the tip of the chastity device makes it possible to urinate whilst you have it on. Have fun trying to aim urinals, though.

The Bent Bruce Metal Chastity Device is secured to your cock with an internal brass padlock and two keys for your dominant partner unless they're kind enough to lend you the extra one to make a quick getaway, which should never happen. Control your longing passion for lust with a chastity device that's obligated to teach you a lesson if you don't.

Color/Type Silver Penis Ring
Material Stainless Steel

Ring Dimension

(inner diameter)

1.42 inches; 1.57 inches; 1.77 inches; 1.97 inches
Cock Cage Dimension 2.36 inches (Length) by 1.28 inches (Inner Diameter)