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Stretched and Spiked Male Chastity Device 1.73 inches long

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discreet guaranteed

Just as you thought that a small cock is enough for your dominant partner to humiliate you, then you've certainly never tried the Stretched and Spiked Male Chastity Device 1.73 inches long before. Give your master full control with this chastity cage, complete with a metal urethra catheter. This cock cage is suitable for partners who want to take their BDSM relationship to the next level.

Stretched and Spiked Male Chastity Device is made up of stainless steel with a urethra stretcher also made up of the same material. As if the submissiveness of your cock is not enough for this chastity cage, you will also feel the sting of the solid catheter while it is inserted in your penis. This serves as the path for your urine connected to the front hole of the cock cage, so you have no excuses of having it taken off. This kit also includes some spikes to add to the torture and humiliation of your cock, and two keys, the spare can come in handy for emergencies. Just make sure you don't possess one of them.

Unless when you have to clean it, in that case, that should be the only time Stretched and Spiked Male Chastity Device should be taken off from your penis. The process is super simple. Just clean the cage with soap and rinse off with warm water, then pat dry or use a hair dryer on low. The Stretched and Spiked Male Chastity Device is available in different sizes: 1.41 inches, 1.57 inches, 1.77 inches, and 1.56 inches. Begin to be dominated by your master right now!

Color/Type Silver Penis Ring
Material Stainless Steel

Ring Dimension

(inner diameter)

1.41 inches; 1.57 inches; 1.77 inches; 1.96 inches
Cock Cage Dimension 1.73 inches (Length); 1.25 inches (Inner Diameter)
Urethral Catheter Dimension 2.59 inches (Length); 0.31 inch (Outer Diameter)