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Pleasurable Pain Male Chastity Device 1.97 inches long

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discreet guaranteed

Show master or mistress exactly who's boss with our Pleasurable Pain Male Chastity Device 1.97 inches long! (It's them, of course) This chastity device provides a kinky and rather stealthy way of keeping your cock under lock and key. But this isn't like any ordinary cock cage as you would expect, a special surprise awaits you the moment you grab your hands unto this adult contraption. Are you ready?

Pleasurable Pain Male Chastity Device is manufactured from a high-quality stainless-steel material which ensures a safe and rust-free playtime, setting aside unwanted infections. Its classic birdcage design exposes your meat stick for your dominant significant other to play with without giving your cock the freedom to be stimulated and aroused. Talk about torture and punishment. What's more: this chastity device also features a stainless-steel urethral catheter tube to add to the sting of forbidden sexual intercourse. The length of the catheter is about the same as the cock cage itself, so you'll definitely know it's in there! The device weighs more than a hundred grams to bestow upon you the constant reminder that you are in possession of and submissive to a superior.

The chastity device is available in four different ring sizes. Pleasurable Pain Male Chastity Device kit includes the cock cage, the cock ring, the urethral catheter (if you choose cock cage with urethral catheter), a single brass internal padlock to secure your flaccid penis, and a set of two keys. One for master or mistress, and one for emergency purposes. Of course, you're not gonna keep one. It's like granting a key to a prisoner in a cell.

Color/Type Silver Penis Ring
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Dimension (inches) 1.50 inches; 1.61 inches; 2.01 inches; 2.24 inches 
Cock Cage Dimension 1.97 inches (Length); 1.30 inches (Inner Diameter)
Urethral Catheter Dimension 0.28 inch (Diameter); 1.97 inches (Length)