The Monstrosity Cock Cage 3.54 inches long
The Monstrosity Cock Cage 3.54 inches long
The Monstrosity Cock Cage 3.54 inches long
The Monstrosity Cock Cage 3.54 inches long

Accepting the fact that losing control is more powerful than calling the shots helps you become stronger than ever before.

If you think that being on top of every situation is masculinity displayed at its finest, think again. Just wait until you experience getting humiliated. That's when you'll realize that there are forces much stronger than you are.

Think of yourself as a creature in the jungle fighting for survival. Any wild beast that gets captured and locked up in a cage is bound to unleash it's fury once it's set free. For their master, that can only be expected because that's pure animal instinct displayed at its best. Anything less would be an utter disappointment, to say the least, because you're talking about a ferocious beast.

Any man who gets to wear a chastity device designed after a fearsome beast can liken their situation to a caged animal being tamed by their benevolent master.

Once they have learned to understand the fact that giving up control is a purifying experience, they'll immediately surrender everything to their master because it's the only way to reap the rewards for fulfilling their real potential.

When the master lets the creature out of the cage, that's the time they can perform what they're supposed to do with wild abandon. Doing this only pleases their master because being holed up in captivity is designed to sharpen their instincts in going after their prey.

If you think you can endure this kind of challenge, the best thing that you can do is get your hands on this product to get your training right.

Channel your wild side by being tamed and giving up control for pleasure. Order now!

Color/Type Dark Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Dimension (inches) 1.57 inches, 1.77 inches, and 1.96 inches
Cock Cage Dimension 3.54 inches (Length) by 1.35 inches (Diameter)


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The Monstrosity Cock Cage 3.54 inches long

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