Shock the Cock Plastic Cage 2.95 inches long
Shock the Cock Plastic Cage 2.95 inches long
Shock the Cock Plastic Cage 2.95 inches long
Shock the Cock Plastic Cage 2.95 inches long

What if we tell you that there is yet another shocking way to satisfy your needs? When we say "shocking", we literally do mean "shocking". Meet Shock the Cock, a chastity cage that not only keeps you from achieving all orgasms but will send you a shocking message to remind you who you belong to and why you have it on in the first place.

Here's how it works: Shock the Cock Plastic Cage is available in three different colors--our translucent Stark Black and Sinful Red, along with our transparent Exhibitionist Clear. The cage is made up of a plastic polycarbonate material to ensure that your cock is held in captive and won't be able to make any little quick sins. Although plastic, the kit will include some silicone liners for our Shock the Cock which is conducive to the electric shock that the provided device will send. Your dominant partner will not only keep your meat stick under lock and key but will also be in full control to the type of mixed "signals and messages" she would like to give you. There are different modes to choose from, or if she's feeling a little adventurous and experimental, she can have complete control with the shock intensity and speed.

Shock the Cock Plastic Cage kit includes the cock cage itself, a fully adjustable cock ring for multiple sizes, some plastic spacers, silicone inner liners, a brass padlock with two keys, and five one-time use plastic locks. It's all in here, there's nothing else that you might possibly need. So what are you waiting for?

Color/Type Black, Red, Clear Penis rings
Material Plastic
Ring Dimension Adjustable, max diameter 52mm (2.05 in)
Cock Cage Dimension Length: 75mm(2.95in)

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Shock the Cock Plastic Cage 2.95 inches long

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