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Silicone Sissy Male Chastity Device 2.76 inches and 3.74 inches long

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discreet guaranteed

Prove your loyalty and commitment to master or mistress by welcoming the Silicone Sissy Male Chastity Device 2.76 inches and 3.74 inches long into your sexual life. Whether you're serious about pursuing abstinence in the relationship or you're just looking into spicing up your BDSM lifestyle, this cock cage will change the way you perceive humiliation. Let us show you why this chastity device might just re-kindle the spark between you and your partner.

The Silicone Sissy Male Chastity Device is molded from food grade silicone, the very same material that is used to manufacture molds and containers for everyday grub, so you can be confident to know that this is safe to use for your next wild ride. Our Silicone Sissy Male Chastity Device chastity device features ventilation slots on either side of the cage for consistent airflow and for easier cleaning. And if you were wondering then yes, you can take a bath whilst still wearing this! You can even urinate with it on, too, thanks to the visible front slot which makes it accessible for your urine to pass through. Aside from the ventilation and urination holes, your cock is completely enclosed and entrapped in this device, better act right.

Our Silicone Sissy Male Chastity Device is available in a standard size for the naturally proportioned bunch and a small one for the more unfortunate sissies. Whatever size you purchase for the cock cage includes the following: five cock rings of different diameters, plastic spacers to help secure the contraption to your cock, a small padlock with two keys for your keyholder, and five pieces of one-time use plastic locks for other measures of caging up your penis. What are you waiting for? It's show time.

Color/Type Clear, Black, Pink, Blue Penis Ring
Material Food Grade Silicone
Ring Dimension (inches) 1.38 inches; 1.50 inches; 1.69 inches; 1.81 inches; 1.93 inches
Cock Cage Dimension SMALL: 2.76 inches (Length) by 1.39 inches (Diameter); STANDARD: 3.74 inches (Length) by 1.39 inches (Diameter)