Female Chastity Belts

Today we're diving into the titillating world of female chastity belts. Whether you're a curious beginner looking to dive into a submissive lifestyle, or are searching for an empowering tool to keep full control over your partner's much-desired assets, chastity belts can offer all this and more.

What is a Chastity Belt?

A chastity belt is a device designed to prevent sexual intercourse and masturbation by covering the genitals with various materials such as metal, leather, or silicone. These naughty contraptions are often used in relationships where one partner (the dominant) controls the other's (the submissive) sexual pleasure and release. Their purpose is not only about controlling lust, but also trust. After all, it takes quite some faith in your partner to literally hand over the keys!

Types of Chastity Belts

Chain Belts

For those who prefer their kink on-the-go, chain belts offer lightweight comfort while still providing that thrilling feeling of restraint. Made from chains that link together around the waist and between the legs, these flirty little numbers may not be as secure as other options but make up for it with their seductive appearance and affordability, and are usually adjustable to fit all body types

Silicone Lined Wire Belts

If you crave more security without sacrificing style or comfort, wired belts are perfect for you! Crafted from stainless steel wires lined with soft silicone padding for added protection against pinching or chafing; they provide both durability and discretion under clothing.

Metal Plate

For those seeking ultimate security, look no further than metal plate belts. These heavy-duty chastity belts feature solid plates that cover your intimate areas entirely, ensuring complete, frustrating denial until your dominant decides otherwise.


Combining both fashion-forward design elements and practicality, leather chastity belts are a popular choice for those seeking comfort and security. Our range includes belts that are made from high-quality leather, or vegan leather for the environmentally conscious. These make perfect choices for ensuring a lightweight, snug fit while still allowing for breathability.

Belts with Vaginal or Anal Plugs

For the truly daring, we offer chastity belts that come equipped with vaginal or anal plugs to add an extra layer of stimulation and control. With these devices, not only is your pleasure under lock and key but also intensified by the tantalizing presence of a plug.

Female chastity belts come in a variety of materials, designs and styles that cater to all levels of experience and preferences. So go ahead - explore your desires and indulge in this deliciously wicked form of restraint!

Why Choose Chastity

If you're intrigued by the idea of chastity, you're not alone. This fetish can be an exciting way to explore power plays and submission in a relationship or even as a solo adventure. Chastity can serve two purposes: it can either keep the wearer sexually unavailable from their partner, or allows their partner total control over their sexuality.

Embracing the lifestyle offers numerous benefits such as increased trust between partners, heightened anticipation for sexual release, and an overall sense of empowerment through surrendering control. Whether you choose to indulge in this kink occasionally or make it a permanent part of your life, there's no denying its allure.

Removing a Locked-On Belt in Case of Emergency

In the event of an emergency, it's crucial to know how to safely remove or escape from your belt:

  • Keep spare keys accessible in case the primary key is lost or damaged.
  • If using combination locks, memorize the code and store it securely as backup.
  • For extreme situations where no other option exists, consider using bolt cutters (with extreme caution) or seeking professional assistance from locksmiths or medical personnel if necessary.

Keeping Your Belt Clean During Long-Term Lockups

Maintaining hygiene is important when wearing any type of chastity device. To keep both yourself and your belt clean during long-term lockups:

  • Clean accessible areas without removing the belt if possible (some belts have openings designed for cleaning).
  • Treat leather belts with care – use specialized leather cleaners only; do not submerge them in water or use harsh soaps.
  • Clean metal parts with mild soap and warm water; dry thoroughly after washing to avoid rusting.
  • Bear in mind that permanent chastity is a choice and a lifestyle – it does not mean never removing your belt for cleaning. Regular removal and thorough cleaning are essential to maintain good hygiene.

How to Measure

To ensure that your chosen belt fits comfortably while providing maximum security, follow these steps:

  1. Measure the distance around your waist using a flexible tape measure, allowing a little bit of room for comfort
  2. Measure the distance between your legs, from the front of your waist to the back. This will determine your ideal length for the chastity belts crotch-strap.
  3. Determine how wide the crotch strap should be to avoid chafing by measuring the width of your outer labia.

Ready to dive deeper into chastity? Explore our range to find the perfect belt for you.