Pink Chastity Cage

Have you ever heard of the term "pretty in pink"? If you're a natural sissy, you might already have. Pink cock cages deserve a collection of their own on this place as we eulogize the significance of feminization.

For those who are getting on into BDSM and/or are unfamiliar with the term: feminization or otherwise known as "sissification" plays an important role in the BDSM fantasy. It's the practice of "forcing" a submissive male (biologically born male) to cross-dressing into a maid, a female secretary, a schoolgirl, a princess, or any set of clothing that is noticeably feminine. The clothing can range from female underwear to makeup, wigs, and heels to complete the ensemble. If you've hung around here in a while and looked at our products, you may have noticed that we've used the word "sissy" a great deal. This is who we're referring to. The submissive partners can also be "forced" into acting and engaging into in a feminine manner by the way they act, talk, and even walk.

Sissies should be entitled to their own treasure chest of cock cages. And because you are a sissy, you can never go wrong with pink cock cages. These trinkets are made from high-quality hard plastic, silicone, or resin. All products are available in multiple sizes so you should be able to find the perfect fit for you. All cages also include an internal brass padlock along with two or more keys, some of the cages might have a few one-time use plastic padlocks which are convenient for traveling on airplanes, keeping you safe from airport security and other metal detectors.

Being a sissy doesn't always mean comprising on all the fun. That's why we have a dedicated selection of different cock cages ready to complete your whole outfit so you can really be pretty in pink! Be prepared to be humiliated and tortured in so many levels with our pink cock cages. Here's where you can really prove your "sissy-ness" and be dominated in ways you could only imagine in your deepest dreams and desires. Who knows? Our pink cock cages may be your new sissy fetishes.

Pink Chastity Cages - Safety, Quality + Comfort Guaranteed! Pink Chastity Cages - Safety, Quality + Comfort Guaranteed! Find your perfect pink chastity cage now!