Inverted Chastity Cages

What are Inverted Cock Cages?

Unique devices designed to invert the penis. When used to feminize and sissify men, they completely obscure the penis from view by pushing your penis back into the area around your pelvis.

Inverted cages are usually made of stainless steel and come in various shapes and sizes to fit different cocks. The most common design features a ring that fits around the base of the penis and balls, a thin shaft that pushes the penis back or inverts it, and a locking mechanism that prevents the device from being removed. The inverted design of the cage not only prevents a slave from becoming fully erect, but hides the penis from view entirely.

Different Styles and Designs

Inverted cages come in various styles and designs, featuring different inverter pin lengths and widths, while some cages have urethral tubes, and cages with or without locking pins. The design and shape of the cage can affect the level of comfort and security for the wearer, so it's essential to choose a style and size that fits your individual cock and your preferences.

Fufu chastity clips are a more basic form of inverted cage with no locking mechanism, but they are still very effective at hiding your penis and can be used for chastity as well. These clips go over the balls and tuck your penis back into itself, achieving a sought-after “clitty” look.

How Inverted Cages Work

The inverted design of cock cages works by restricting blood flow to the penis, preventing it from becoming fully erect. This can create a sensation of pressure, which can be both physically and emotionally arousing for the wearer. Inverted cages can also be used in combination with other BDSM activities, such as DDLG (Daddy Dom, Little Girl) play, gender swapping, pegging, and other sissy play.

Why Choose Inverted Cages?

They can be a great choice for those interested in exploring power exchange dynamics or enhancing their sexual pleasure through denial and anticipation.

Gender Reversal, Feminization, and Sissification

Gender reversal is a kink that involves temporarily or permanently swapping gender roles. This could mean that a male partner is made to dress and act more femininely. With inverted cages, gender reversal might involve a male partner being locked into a cage and made to wear traditionally feminine clothing or accessories, such as high heels or lingerie.

They can also be a beautiful and visually striking addition for gender reversal play. The unique design and shape of the cage creates a sense of vulnerability and surrender, adding to the overall aesthetic of the experience.

Play a role in feminization and gender exploration, allowing individuals to express their gender identity with a sexy and bold statement. Inverted cages are understandably popular among those who wish to explore their sissy side.

Allow individuals to feel more feminine or submissive by restricting their sexual activity and making their penis look just like the vagina they wish they had.

How to Wear Inverted Cages

Measuring your balls and penis for the correct fit is crucial for comfort and security. It's important to measure carefully and choose a cage that inverts your penis the correct amount so it is not uncomfortable but appears to be hidden. People with larger anatomy should choose an inverted cage that is both wider & has a long pin that pushes it back, while smaller penises are suited to shorter pins. Choosing the correct ring size is equally important as the ring must be able to tightly hold the base of your penis and your balls, but not restrict blood flow.

Putting inverted cages on is a little different from typical cages. To begin, place the ring around your balls and penis. Then place the cage section on your penis head, before pushing it gently back into your pelvis until the cage locking mechanism aligns with the ring's receiving holes. Finally, insert the locking pin into the aligned cage and cock ring, and lock it. It may feel strange at first as you become used to your inverted penis, but take care not to lock your cage if you feel sharp pain. Water based lubricant can be especially useful if fitting proves difficult.

It's recommended to clean the cage regularly with soap and water or a specialized sex toy cleaner to prevent the buildup of bacteria or other harmful substances. Removing the cage and cleaning it thoroughly is generally a good idea at least once a day.