Holy Trainer Chastity Cages

They say that Holy Trainers are far worse than the usual cock cages. We have to agree on that. One of the most commonly overlooked due to its simplicity in design and not having enough features, some people fail to see the reason why this type is on the hype almost year after year. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced enthusiast and chastity partner, a device such as these will help you remember why you are your Master or Mistress' little slave.

By definition, a Holy Trainer is a male chastity device built to completely fill the entire shaft of the contraption upon attempting to get an erection. Unlike open cage style devices, Holy Trainers totally shelter your cock, so you have nowhere to go. Unless you're getting a transparent trinket, Holy Trainers will keep your cock away from the light of day, which only a few or one hole for air holes and urinating. Plain but torturous.

Holy Trainers are the perfect mix between simple and useful. These male chastity devices can be made from either slippery silicone, hard plastic, or hefty stainless steel--all high quality as we don't compromise on characteristics and features. Whatever material you choose, each Holy Trainer will bring the same results. Just try to get aroused and you'll get what's coming to you. Sissy or not, a good and worthless cock deserves to be punished somehow. An enclosed chastity device is the perfect match for that.

Our Holy Trainer chastity devices can lock and secure your cock with either an outer padlock for that rigorous motive or an inner brass padlock which you may prefer if you plan on taking your device out and about with you and keeping it concealed. Not knowing is part of the fun. Just make sure you're not running into airport security or metal detectors.

Since the devices are designed to keep your cock away from view, it's always best to keep both the Trainer and your penis cleaned regularly to avoid infections, rashes, and unwanted odor. To do this, simply disinfect the thing with mild, fragrance-free soap and thoroughly rinse with warm water. Make sure it's completely dry before you resume to grant solitary confinement on that manhood.

Holy Trainer Cages - Safety, Quality + Comfort Guaranteed! Get the perfect fit with a holy trainer chastity cage!