Male Chastity Devices

Welcome to a new world of sexual pleasure. It’s time to LocktheCock, and submit to the desires of your Mistress!

Taking the step into the world of male chastity can be intimidating and difficult. We’re here to make your journey easier though, with our massive selection of high quality cock cages.

Something for Every Slave…

Whether you’re a BDSM beginner, a submissive sissy or even a urethral explorer, there’s a cock cage out there for you! Explore now with…

Full Enclosure Chastity Cages

Make sure there’s no chance of escape with a cock cage that covers the entire penis. Full enclosure cages feature a solid body which makes sure there’s no way any naughty slaves can stimulate themselves without your permission.

This style of cage features two of the world’s favourites: The CB600 and the Holy Trainer. Both of these male chastity devices have sold countless numbers worldwide, and are ranked highly by nearly any experienced slave. Rated well for comfort, durability, and style, you can’t go wrong with either of these cages!

Elaborate and Stylish Chastity Cages

Sometimes your mistress would like nothing more than to show you off to all her friends. But an ordinary cage won’t do for such an occasion. This is where some of our “fancier” models come into play.

Featuring intricate designs and patterns with gaps that are just perfect for some caged teasing, these cages look simply fantastic when worn. Some of our favourites include the infamous Caught in her Web, and the stunning Timid Basilisk.

Small and Sissy Chastity Cages

For many chastity enthusiasts, nothing could be better than seeing that pathetic cock withering away, not allowed to stretch out and feel the sweet release of orgasm. Or perhaps the penis is too much of a sign of masculinity, and your mistress wants to remove any reminder of your previous freedom so there’s no doubt that you’re a toy subject to her desires.

If this is the kind of chastity you crave, we’ve got you covered. Try out the sultry Sissy in Pink to quash any signs of his masculinity, or take the challenge of the Merciless Cock and see just how small your cock can get!

Urethral Stimulation Chastity Cages

Sometimes simply locking the cock away isn’t enough. Some slaves crave more, and want to experience the ultimate in denial. For these faithful servants, a cock cage featuring a urethral stimulator is the answer.

These chastity devices don’t just lock the penis away, they plug it too! Even if your slave is naughty and tries to get himself off, there’s simply no way he’ll be able to orgasm while his cock is sealed up by a urethral plug.

For these subservient slaves, nothing could be better than the Pleasurable Pain Male Chastity Device. This has a built in urethral plug, and provides the firm control these men crave.

Material Matters…

The type of cage isn’t the only thing you need to consider. We have a selection of different materials that can make your chastity experience more comfortable… or less if your mistress desires. Silicone chastity cages provide more flexibility, and a softer, more comfortable fit. Stainless steel chastity cages on the other hand, are much more firm and rigid, restricting his movement and ability to grow while wearing the cage. You can also explore a range of colors, such as those featured in our collection of resin chastity cages.

Measure Your Expectations

Whatever style of cock cage you choose to spend your days locked up in, it’s important to make sure it actually fits. Wearing one too small will be much more painful, while one too big will leave too much room for your slave to play with himself while you aren’t looking. It really is a matter of getting things just right!

For a complete guide to finding your perfect cage, check out the LTC Sizing Guide: How To Measure For a Male Chastity Device

Male Chastity: Learning the Ropes

Nobody becomes a chastity pro overnight! You need time not only to learn how to properly use your cage how long you can wear it, but also to adjust to your new lifestyle. You aren’t just meant to put on a cage and forget about it. Male chastity is a complete lifestyle just waiting to be explored and enjoyed by both of you!

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Turn Up the Heat With Male Chastity Challenges!

Maybe you’re already an experienced chastity enthusiast. Perhaps you’ve been enjoying this kind of relationship for a while, and things are starting to get a bit stale. Don’t give up just yet though! You can rekindle your passion for the lifestyle by challenging yourself and having some fun with the Mistress-slave dynamic!

Here at LocktheCock, we don’t just sell you cages and leave you on your own. Our dedicated team of experienced Mistresses are committed to keeping your caged life interesting. Whether it’s a simple chastity game, or a more long term commitment you’re interested in, there’s always something for you at LocktheCock! Check out some of our previous challenges and ideas below:

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Explore BDSM Through Male Chastity

Male chastity doesn’t have to be the entirety of your new and exciting sex life. There are a whole range of kinks and fetishes you can explore and enjoy, and wearing a cock cage can be the perfect springboard to help you explore.

Just remember that even though you’re the one wearing the cage, it isn’t all about the men! Everyone in the relationship should feel like they can explore the things they find interesting, and any new additions should be thoroughly discussed to make sure everyone is on the same page. Just remember the golden rule of BDSM and you’ll be fine: All play should be Safe, Sane, Sober and Consensual (SSSC).

Some kinks that pair perfectly with male chastity are:

Prostate Play
Whipping and Pain Play

What Are You Waiting For?

Male chastity is one of the most rewarding sexual adventures you could ever embark on. Sure there will be periods of frustration, difficulty, and times you just want to give up. But sticking with it makes that sweet release so much better than it finally comes!

So make your Mistress proud today, pick up a cage and LocktheCock now!

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