Male Chastity Belts

Chastity isn't only about cock cages and Holy Trainers. Many men and women have been fantasizing the significance and roleplay of submission, domination, and orgasm denial. While they're all effective and good, and we fully support them (why do you think we have them in the first place?) --sometimes, that's just not enough to fulfill your BDSM and abstinence fantasies. Sure, it keeps you from getting hard and having an erection...but what if you want more? What if your partner wants more from you? Something that will evidently prove your loyalty.

Our solution? Chastity belts.

Here's a little history lesson for you: did you know that chastity belts were believed to be implemented in the 1500s? This is still being debated on whether it's true or not, but what historians can confirm is that it started booming in the 1800s since they were then discovered all over the world. The earliest chastity belts were predominantly forced on women, so they remain chaste and pure while their husbands were away on battles. See? Even in the last 200 years ago, chastity has already been practiced. So don't fret, this is one of the oldest sex chastity devices since it has existed for centuries.

Now, we say the tables have turned. We'd like to give the men a try.

Choose from our high-quality materials such as leather, silicone, and stainless steel. Some of our belts even have two of those materials together for a confident comfort. Chastity belts conceal your cock from view with an attached cock cage or a built-in pouch rendering it useless. Each belt has its own unique feature: some boast their cages out in the open with a perforation at the tip for urinating; some hide their cages internally with an attached catheter; some of them even have anal plugs so you're not really missing out on the excitement!

We are offering a number of male chastity belts to fit your preference and style. All belts are safe to wear for a few minutes or long-term and guaranteed to make sex a thing of the past for you! Submit and be Master or Mistress's little prisoner with our chastity belts. A slave like you is meant to be punished and pushed around. Be the slave. Act like one.

Male Chastity Belts - Safety, Quality + Comfort Guaranteed! There's no escape from a LocktheCock male chastity belt!