Spiked Chastity Cages

Spiked cages typically feature threaded holes for inserting various spikes, including blunt or sharp screws, nails, and e-stim probes. Designed as a choice for hardcore chastity lovers who take pleasure in pain, Spiked cages are an extreme choice for masochistic BDSM enthusiasts looking to relinquish their manhood. Explore the ultimate orgasm denial tool.

What are Spiked Cock Cages?

These painful cock cages are designed to prevent sexual stimulation and provide a new level of control in BDSM play. All spiked cages are made of rigid materials, which provides durability and ensures the spikes dig in exactly where intended. In addition, our cages feature standardized screw sizes, making your choice between painfully pointed and slightly blunted as easy as a caged trip to your toolbox.

Spiked cages offer several advantages for BDSM enthusiasts:

  • Enhanced Orgasm Denial: Prevent sexual stimulation with pain and allow your Mistress to control your orgasms.
  • Increased Sexual Tension and Desire: Pain and discomfort add a new level to your restriction and constantly reminds you of everything you can’t have.
  • Experiment with Power Dynamics: Explore unique power plays and allow your Keyholder to control your sexual pleasure and punish your misbehavior.
  • A Unique Way to Explore Your Submissive Fantasies: Explore your feminine side as you relinquish all control.

An Extreme Avenue of Discipline and Denial

These extreme cock cages enhance your Keyholder's sexual control and discipline over you while allowing lonely cucks to punish themselves if they lack discipline. The spikes in the cage can be adjusted to provide different levels of stimulation and pain, which can be used to reward or punish the submissive. This allows the Keyholder to determine when, where, and how hard the spikes are inserted or removed, providing an added level of painful pleasure. Mistress recommends teasing to make the sub hard, only to grow into savage spikes.

Using Spiked Cages to Enhance BDSM Play

Spiked cages enhance chastity by providing a new level of control and stimulation. The Keyholder can use the spikes to provide exciting rewards and painful punishments, placing their sub in predicament bondage at a moments notice. The use of these cages increases trust and intimacy between partners as the chastity slave is required to relinquish all control to their Keyholder.

Consent is Key

When using spiked cock cages in BDSM play, Mistress and slave should establish clear communication and consent and ensure that a spare key is always accessible to the person wearing the cage. Starting slow and ramping up the pain gradually ensures you can truly make your Slave whimper before they tap out. As with any BDSM activity, safe words ensure the sissy can escape torment if necessary.

Become the Perfect Keyholder for a Spiked Submissive

If you’re looking for spiked cages, odds are you’re no stranger to BDSM. If you’re among the lucky cucks who have a Keyholder, you will have already given them complete control over both your manhood and sexuality.

For Keyholders who wish to add pain to their list of control over their sub, spiked cages are the perfect device to achieve this. Keep them tied up in bondage while you tantalizingly tease their member and enjoy the groans of painful pleasure when they start to get hard in their prison. Tighten their spikes every time they show signs of enjoying themselves, and only release them after they have obeyed your commands.

Good Slaves should only be rewarded when total obedience is given, but even then you may simply lie to your sub and promise them release, only to punish them with greater torment for daring to think of escaping your authority.

When incorporating pain into chastity, creativity is your limit and LTC provides all the tools you need to fully explore your imagination.