Silicone Chastity Cages

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You've seen anal plugs, dildos and Kegel balls made from silicone. But a cock cage? Although less popular, don't underestimate. Not only is the material easily pliable to fit snugly into your penis, but the soft and smooth component enables you to wear your cage long-term. It also protects sensitive skin who are prone to nicks, cuts, and bruises. Silicone cock cages might be one of the most comfortable chastity devices you have ever worn or will ever wear.

Since silicone is easily manipulated and susceptible to heat, you may encounter some fitting issues with your sex toy upon arrival or after a few uses. To mold it back into shape, soak the pieces into hot water (around 70°C-90°C or 158°F-194°F) for 2-3 minutes to soften the material, you should then be able to attach the ring and the cage together with no problems.

Another reason that you should ponder in considering owning a silicone cage is its capability to shock your cock! Let's talk science for a moment: silicone is a conductive material which allows electric currents to travel through it. In other words, silicone can carry electricity, making this element the perfect material to use for "shocking" cock cages. These particular toys that carry the electric features include a remote control that will be in the possession of your key holder's hands. The device can be set to the automatic mode for continuous and consistent torture or your dominant partner can set it into their own likeliness if they're feeling a little experimental. Master or Mistress will be in charge--not only the speed of the shocks but also the intensity.

Our silicone cages are available in a variety of colors to fit your preferences. You can choose clear if your partner is a little more lenient in the idea of you getting a look at your cock, or you can pick any of the solid and vibrant colors to completely keep your cock from view.

Take it from us: silicone is the way to go for first-timers, beginners, even for the experienced BDSM enthusiasts due to the list of perks and features that you just can't find from any other cock cage made from other materials.