Solitary Confinement Male Chastity Device
Solitary Confinement Male Chastity Device
Solitary Confinement Male Chastity Device
Solitary Confinement Male Chastity Device

Prepare yourself for some real restraint in this one. If you think that you've tried it all, then you've never tried this chastity device. When the usual cages just don't cut it anymore, and you're looking for a challenge. To really feel not just the abstinence, but also the absence of your manhood. Meet Solitary Confinement Male Chastity Device--we will guarantee that this is going to be your new best friend, or who knows? It may become your worst enemy once you find out how cruel it is.

Solitary Confinement Male Chastity Device will not only cage your cock, but it's also going to encase it because it never was yours in the first place. This chastity device is made from a hard but sturdy plastic, so you're sure to get satisfying but painful results from this one. Lock up your manhood with the metal pins and not one...but two padlocks. Once it's on, say goodbye to any physical contact with your penis. Only a small hole is cut out as the only point of access for urinating. Master or mistress can even spit in there if he or she so chooses. That would probably give you a "hard" time.

Our black variant will make sure that your cock will never see the light of day unless master or mistress says otherwise. But if your dominant partner is a little more merciful, they can opt for our white clear one, so you can at least get a view of the forbidden penis. Take it to the next level and be a slave to your partner with Solitary Confinement Male Chastity Device. Show them who's boss.

Color/Type Black, Transparent Penis Ring
Material Plastic
Ring Dimension (inches) 1.77 inches; 1.96 inches
Cock Cage Dimension n/a


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Solitary Confinement Male Chastity Device

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