LocktheCock's Ruined Orgasm Challenge

Welcome back, my willing slaves. As I’m sure you’re aware, May is the month of masturbation… but not for you. Instead I’ve got a devilishly delightful new chastity challenge for you all. Make it through the entire month, and you’ll have earned your orgasmic reward!

Seeing as it’s masturbation month, we’re not going to completely cruel to you. You’ll still be allowed to play with that pathetic cock, but the most important thing is that you’re not to cum!

Instead, each week I want you to ruin those orgasms. I want to see that little cock dribbling with precum, not proudly ejaculating like a real man. It’s up to you if you do this caged (and what could be more perfect than one of our Steel Cages with plenty of gaps to stroke your caged member), or if you take your cage off and masturbate properly.

Just remember the golden rule: NO ORGASMS.

If you want to join the fun, you’ll need to head on over to our social media pages and follow us. Each challenge will be posted at the start of the day for you, so you’ve got all day to do it! Just don’t disappoint me…