Chastity Games: Welcome to the LTC Carnival!

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Roll Up! Roll Up! It’s The LocktheCock carnival, with chastity fun and chastity games for one and all. Whether you’re in a partnered chastity relationship or flying solo, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

The Cubes of Chance

Add some chance to your chastity with this simple chastity game. All it takes, is a roll of the dice! You better be lucky though, you’ll only get that pleasure you crave with a perfect roll. Is the chance worth the risk?

Your result decides your fate. Will it be something nice, or something nasty.

1 - One hour of porn, but no masturbation. Feel the pain of that cock being kept in place.
2 - Some of you like to keep your chastity to yourselves. Today you need to either wear your cage in public, or post a selfie somewhere online. Show off that locked cock.
3 - No touching your penis for the rest of the day. Each time you fail, add an extra day to your lockup.
4 - That cage looks like it needs a good cleaning. There’s a catch though, no hot water!
5 - Add five days to your current lockup period then roll again.
6 - Lucky boy! Uncage yourself and orgasm whichever way you like!

The Wheel of Fire

Everyone loves to try a wheel of fortune, but how about the wheel of misfortune? Even if some of the results sound good, there’s one important rule: NO ORGASMS! You could even show your Mistress the wheel and let her use it to decide how to punish you when you misbehave...

Click to start the wheel spinning, the click again to find out what it has in store!

The Fastest Man Alive

Witness the fastest man alive, able to bring himself to orgasm in a matter of seconds! But lets be honest, most slaves are a little too quick for our liking...

All you need for this one is a stopwatch (the one on your phone will do). Set a timer and uncage yourself. When you’re ready, hit go and start masturbating. You’ll have until the timer stops to finish!

Easy - 2 Minutes
Medium - 1 Minute
Hard - 30 Seconds
World Record - 10 Seconds

The Tale of Three Mistresses

If you’re looking for a chastity game to really test your mettle, head on down to the tent of three Mistresses! One Mistress can be devilishly devious, so just imagine what three could come up with.

The tale of three Mistresses is a simple game. Your Mistress chooses three tantalising chastity scenarios. All of them should have some kind of bad side. Then it’s over to you to choose the lesser of three evils. For those of you practising solo chastity, here are three for you to choose from:

Wear your cage with your tightest pants, then head to the busiest store in town. Let everyone see that bulge and know your cock belongs to us.
Time for some torture. Stimulate that prostate until you literally can’t take anymore. We expect at least 15 minutes.
Watch a cumshot compilation. See the pleasure that you aren’t allowed yourself.

Searching for Mistress

No carnival is complete without a fortune telling tent. Ours only has two fortunes, find the Mistress, or suffer the consequences.

Grab a deck of cards and shuffle them well. Each day, you can turn over the top card. Find a Queen and you can cum. Any other cards, and you’ll have to wait another day.

Chastity Tombola

Everyone loves a tombola, but would you be willing to take the chance knowing the odds are against you?

Add nine black balls and one white ball to a paper bag (marble work great for this). Each day, the lucky slave can take their chances and pull a ball from the bag. If it’s black, they’ll have to wait another day, but find the white one and they can have their sweet release!

Turn up the ante by adding the black balls back into the mix every time they are drawn, potentially making the game last forever. Or change the rules by adding some colored balls. You can add a forfeit for each colored ball, like red for prostate play, blue for pegging, or orange to lose all the remaining draws this week.

You can make this game as dangerous as you desire!

The Snail Race

We’ve seen the fastest man alive, but what about something much slower. Place your bets now for the snail race!

You’ll need five envelopes for this one. Lock yourself up and put the key in one of the envelopes. In the other four, put a note to yourself reminding you that today isn’t your lucky day. Post them all in different postboxes, and wait and see which ones come first. You’ll have your eyes on the snail mail every day while you hope your key arrives.

The Great Escape Artist

Witness with awe the men that can escape from nearly any situation you can imagine!

Get a padlock that fits your cage and has a combination lock on it. Put it on and close your eyes so it locks with a random combination. It’s up to you to figure out the code and pull off your own great escape!

The Ice Age Relics

See a slice of the past preserved perfectly in ice!

Freeze your key in a block of ice. Once a week, you can get it out, and set a timer for five minutes. You have that long to thaw out the key and get some time uncaged. No tools though, you can only use your own body. (Can be more fun with a Mistress, they set the timer, decide when you can try, etc).

Explore the Chastity Exhibition

Witness the wonders of the chastity world in our very own LocktheCock chastity exhibition!

This month we’re holding a ruined orgasm challenge on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest channels. Many of our exhibits have been showing off their pathetically caged cocks for the world to see. Head over to twitter and view the exhibits yourself, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous become an exhibit yourself!

The fun never stops at the LocktheCock Carnival!

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