Mistress's Cages of the Year 2021

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LTC's Best Cages of the Year 2021

Looking for the best cock cage? Let Mistress guide with her top picks of the year.

I know exactly what you’re looking for. You want the best cage you can get, to make sure you don’t get your hands on that pathetic cock.

Well, look no further. I’ve got what you need. Say hello to the best cock cages 2021.

I don’t mind which you choose, but you’ve got no excuse to be in one by the end of the week. You do want to be a good little slave for Mistress, don’t you?

Silicone Cage of the Year

Silicone Sissy Chastity Device

Mistress Says:

“There’s something about silicone that makes the chastity experience a little bit gentler. It’s the perfect material for a slave that’s a little bit softer or one who needs a little coaxing into their chastity pledge.

Just because silicone can be gentle, that doesn’t mean you should write it off for more experienced slaves either. Hiding a slave’s cock completely in a fully enclosed silicone cage, or even putting them in a small pink number are great ways to add a humiliation dynamic to his pledge.

The crown this year goes to the Silicone Sissy Chastity Device. A truly versatile cage that every slave should have in their collection.

Don’t let the name fool you. I use this cage at one point or another with nearly all my slaves. The silky-smooth feel is perfect for slaves who struggle with the bulkier models. You can choose your favourite from the three color options or go for the totally clear version that lets you see your caged cock in all its glory.

It’s also lightweight, making it ideal for a slave who is working their way up to being locked long term, and won’t give you a huge bulge so you can be discreet in public places.

For the more dedicated, the Silicone Sissy in pink is ideal to start exploring aspects of humiliation and sissification in your pledge. With a simple and comfortable cage, I can start making chastity more intense for my slaves without worrying about finding the “right” kind of hardcore cage.

The Silicone Sissy is a truly versatile, comfortable and good-looking cage, deserving of a spot on my list of top cages 2021!”

Metal Cage of the Year

Put a Ring on It Chastity Device

Mistress Says:

“You know what they say: “If you like it put a ring on it”. Why should chastity be any different?

One of my favourite things with a new slave is fitting them with a snug ringed cage. These designs don’t entirely encase the cock, leaving me plenty of room to tease him, and amuse myself. The best part though, every time he looks down at that pathetic cock, he can see it locked in place, unable to be used. Owned by me.

When it comes to choosing the best ringed cage, why deviate from the classics? This year my top pick is the Put a Ring on It Metal Cage.

Putting your slave in a metal cage is one sure fire way to make him always remember his pledge to you. They’re bulkier, feel heavier, and provide a much tighter fit than silicone models. The Put a Ring on It Cage takes these basic principles and provides them flawlessly in an easy-to-use design.

The concentric rings ensure that each part of your cock is held perfectly in place, while the more open end gives adequate room for your Mistress to stroke and tease your cock. Will you be able to hold it together? Or will you feel the squeeze as your cock tries desperately to escape its prison?

Tempt him, tease him, put him behind bars. Pick up the Put a Ring on It Cage today, my pick for metal cage of the year.”

Chastity Belt of the Year

The Sad Saddle Male Chastity Belt

Mistress Says:

“For some slaves, I often find a cage just isn’t enough. No matter how enclosed their cock is, they still find a way to wriggle out of it or get themselves off while they wear it. For these special cases, I have to switch to a nice strong chastity belt.

Models which cover the entire genital region are perfect for slaves who just won’t keep their hands off, while cock ring style belts can be combined with traditional cock cages for the ultimate restriction.

Additional attachments can also be lots of fun with a slave wearing a chastity belt. Thanks to the extra straps you can incorporate a variety of different toys into the pledge. Many of my slaves are made to wear a belt and butt plug combo if they’ve been particularly naughty.

My top male chastity belt of the year is the Sad Saddle. With all the features you could possibly need, and complete restriction of the penis, this belt works for every pledge.

As soon as you pull this out in front of a slave, you see the look of fear in their eyes. It’s big, solid and intimidating. Putting it on really feels like a significant step in keeping a man chaste.

This belt comes with a tube cage for your cock to be locked inside the belt, which is made of solid stainless steel. The bottom of the cage is fitted with a tube, forcing the pathetic slave to urinate sat down. That won’t be comfortable either, thanks to the anal bead attachment.

For the all-in-one chastity belt experience, your slave will love the Sad Saddle, our belt of the year.”

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