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High Quality Brass Replacement Padlock

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People into BDSM know that getting tied up in every imaginable way and giving up control is a thrill they find so addicting. It's one of the main reasons why they got hooked to the lifestyle.

When it comes to bondage gears, most of them come with a cheap-looking padlock as part of the package. You know you need a better one the first time you hold them in your hands.

With our High-Quality Brass Replacement Padlock, you have a winner on your hands. The sturdy and solid construction lets you know it will last a long time and be part of numerous memorable playtime sessions with your partner.

It can be used to complement chastity devices, handcuffs, or anything that ties your partner securely so you can dish out the kind of punishment they deserve by letting them know who's in charge.

If the two of you see each other as equals in the relationship, you can switch roles to have a full understanding of the exhilarating BDSM lifestyle.

You're going to be needing a lot of our padlocks because we know you have a wild imagination and your curiosity can only be satisfied when you got answers to your burning questions.

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Color/Type Gold and Silver
Material Copper
Padlock Dimensions (inches) About 1.18 inches x 0.78 inches (length x width)