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Rechargeable Electronic Timer Lock

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discreet guaranteed

It's a fact that no one wants to get locked up. The loss of freedom is a depressing thought most especially if it's your cock or pussy we're talking about. You don't have a choice but only to answer the call of nature as you need permission from your master to give in to your sexual urges.

In BDSM, it's a game people regularly play to fulfill their unique fetishes. With our Rechargeable Electronic Timer Lock, make your submissive beg for your mercy as counting down the time to their freedom is pure agony.

What makes this product a great buy is that one full charge can last you up to 30 days by using it for only four hours each day. When the power has run out, recharge it once again via USB cable for your utmost convenience.

Don't be fooled by the cable's seemingly frail appearance because it can withstand up to 286 pounds (130 kgs) of pressure. Rest assured that any attempt to break free from bondage is an exercise in futility.

Your submissive will have no choice but to beg for your mercy as you're the only one who can set them free. Have fun watching them realize your dominant role in their lives.

What are you waiting for? Order now and let them know who's in charge!

Color/Type Black, White
Material ABS and Steel Wire
Padlock Body Dimensions (inches) Length - 1.57 inches, Width - 1.81 inches, Thickness - 0.78 inches
Padlock Wire Dimensions Total Length - 3.54 inches, Wire Body - 0.09 inches, Wire with Shackle - 0.15 inches