Finding the Best Underwear (or Panties!) for a Locked Cock

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It’s an unfortunate fact: most men don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their underwear.

It’s not entirely their faults. Designers of men’s underwear tend to be woefully uncreative, leaving that section of the store an uninspiring sea of grey and white—especially compared to the rainbow of the women’s lingerie department.

But once a man is rocking a sexy new cock cage, his underwear routine by necessity changes. It’s no longer just about which pair of identical white briefs or plaid boxer shorts he’s going to wear to work today.

There are concerns which must be addressed – is the underwear comfortable? Is the outline of the cage properly hidden from the curious public eye? How many times per day is he going to discreetly adjust himself? Is he getting enough support?

Picking the right pair of underwear is an important decision – the wrong ones can leave you or your partner’s cock uncomfortable or even in pain. In this article, we’ll discuss some common types of underwear and why they work – or don’t work – when paired with a cock cage.

The right chastity underwear for you (or your caged partner) is definitely out there!

Going Commando

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For many men trying chastity for the first time, no underwear at all seems the easiest solution. However, going commando isn’t always the answer, especially for men wearing a heavier cock cage such as one of our stainless steel models.

While forgoing underwear removes the issue of the cage’s outline creating a strangely-shaped bulge, it provides the man with no support, leaving his genitals supporting the entire weight of the cage on their own.

This can leave the penis feeling sore and strained and even cause permanent damage if done too often.

If you’re wearing a device with an external padlock, walking around without underwear can also cause an audible “rattling” sound as the padlock repeatedly rubs up against the exterior of the cage.

If you’re thinking about going commando with your device, try it out for a few hours at home before committing to a full workday of free-balling with a locked cock.


Mens boxer shorts

Boxers present many of the same problems as going without underwear. They are initially comfortable and don’t create a “cage bulge,” but leave the genitals unsupported and can result in a rather painful penis. As above, try out boxers plus cage for a few hours at home to see if it’s right for you.

Briefs and Boxer Briefs

Different kinds of mens underwear

Briefs and boxer briefs are among the most popular types of underwear worn by men in cock cages. They fit snugly, providing enough support to bolster even the heaviest of steel cages.

However, some traditional briefs have been known to cause a “cage bulge” – the tight fabric can in some cases clearly display the outline of the cage. Look at yourself in the mirror before taking your briefs out for a spin.

Other Options

Men wearing different underwear

While no company has yet to perfect the just-right set of “chastity briefs” that work for every locked cock, there are a surprising number of options that are comfortable, provide support, and hide the outline of you or your partner’s cock cage.

“Pouch briefs,” and “pouch underwear,” such as those manufactured by John Sievers or the Australian company Obviously, are just what they sound like. The underwear features a large “pouch” of fabric at the front which can comfortably accommodate your cock, cage and all.

Many men in long-term enforced chastity have touted pouch briefs as the perfect everyday underwear for their caged cock needs.

Men’s incontinence briefs may provide a unique but viable solution to your cage dilemma. They have a thin, built-in pad in the front, which hides the outline of the device from even the most prying eye. However, they tend to be thicker and warmer than other men’s undergarments, so check the temperature before leaving the house with them on.


Womans panties

And then, of course, there are those caged men who choose to forgo traditional male underwear entirely in favor of something a little more feminine.

Perfect for the guy who wants to pair his chastity experience with an exploration of his sissy and feminine side, women’s panties or knickers can provide a similar snug support to men’s briefs.

Plus, panties come with a wide array of benefits – they’re available in literally millions of cute patterns and colors, materials such as satin and silk feel smooth against your poor tormented cock, and their snug fit provides a constant reminder of just what it is you’re wearing.

Men in cock cages reap an extra reward from choosing panties. The fabric of the panties can be placed between the external padlock and the cage, removing any possibility of a “rattling” sound caused by the two rubbing together.

While simply borrowing a sexy lace number from your keyholder’s drawer can be a fun and sexy options, it is important to properly size your panties before wearing them over a cock cage. Panties that are too snug can ride up easily, pinching the testicles and forcing the man to stop multiple times per day to adjust his junk.

If you or your partner is concerned about finding the proper size, check out male-focused lingerie brands such as Xdress.

For extra fun, keyholders can pair their man’s new chastity panties with other traditionally feminine items such as garters, thigh-highs, or pantyhose. Pair this ensemble with a nice pink cock cage for that extra sissy touch!



Men with a humiliation fetish can pair their cock cage with a nice sturdy diaper. Diapers keep the cage supported while also completely smothering its tell-tale outline.

Remember, diapers should be changed regularly, even if not used for urination or defecation purposes. If the diaper does become wet for any reason, remove it immediately. Check the penis frequently for rashes or chafing.

Check out our safety & comfort page for more information on keeping his locked cock happy and healthy, not matter which underwear you choose!

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