Can Chastity Cause Weight Loss?

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After they first put on a cock cage, many men realize they are much happier than they were before. And why shouldn’t they be? The number of benefits which a male chastity lifestyle provides are practically uncountable. He will be obedient and submissive. He will happily and willingly perform any chores or tasks which his keyholder might command him to do. And, not only that, but his keyholder can also use his period of lockup to encourage his or her chastity slave to pursue self-improvement.

But how does this work? What is it about chastity that encourages a man to improve himself? Once a man is no longer focused so intensely on his orgasm and arousal, he will be able to turn his mind to other things. Many long term chastity slaves report feeling more focused, more productive and more easily able to turn their attention to tasks for long periods of time. Of course, their satisfaction when these tasks are completed is also higher, as they are no longer working simply towards their own satisfaction but also for the purpose of pleasing their Mistress or Master.

One of the most common paths towards self-improvement sought out by many chaste males is that of weight loss. Why weight loss? Simply put, one of the best ways in which a slave can serve his keyholder is by remaining physically and sexually attractive for him or her. The locked-up slave exists as a sort of permanent, arousing art installation, with his body, hair, clothing, and of course locked-up cock existing for the visual pleasure of the keyholder.

Many keyholders will find their chastity slave more attractive if he has a fit body and keeps his weight low. You don’t have to be perfectly skinny or have the body of a god or Olympic athlete, but a period of chastity lockup can be a great time to finally try to drop those few extra pounds. We’ll show you how with this informative guide packed full of helpful tips!

Getting Started with Chastity Weight Loss

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Before you begin your chastity-assisted journey to weight loss, you must first have consent and agreement. Although a male chastity relationship is one which features dominant and submissive roles, it is important that both partners be in agreement before making major decisions such as the one to pursue the path of weight loss.

Once both partners have agreed that the chastity slave shall lose weight during his lockup, the next step is deciding on a goal. Whether or not you are using chastity as a motivator, scientists have found that it is significantly easier to lose weight if you have a concrete goal in mind. That goal can be either numerical (ex: “I will lose 20 pounds by Christmas”) or descriptive (ex: “I will fit into this pair of pants by Christmas.”) Regardless of how it is stated, the goal should be concrete, realistic and most importantly trackable so that progress can be observed and suitably rewarded.

Stick to a Realistic Goal

Man writing goals in a journal

When choosing a goal, one important factor should be considered at all times: make it a realistic one. Many a keyholder will likely feel the urge to set impossible goals so that he or she will repeatedly have the chance to punish his or her slave as he fails week after week after week. However, this will only result in a disheartened chastity pet who is unwilling to continue with his weight loss journey as he feels like a constant failure who can never reach his goals.

Once you’ve set an achievable larger goal, such as the “20 pounds by Christmas” example given above, it’s time to break it down into small, similarly reachable chunks. Here at Lock the Cock, we recommend shooting for a goal of no more than 2 pounds of weight lost per week.

If even that feels a little too extreme at first, you can start with a smaller number, such as one pound, and gradually work your way up. Don’t go higher, though – we find that too much loss all at once can actually make the new weight harder to maintain, and comes with a greater risk of gaining all that weight back at a later date.

Lose or Build?

Scales and tape measure

Some keyholders like to pair their slave’s path towards weight loss with a similar commitment to improving his physical fitness. After all, a muscular, well-toned male body is often something which a keyholder will find extremely attractive.

Pairing exercise with weight loss can be safe and achievable. However, if doing so, we recommend settling on a smaller weekly weight loss goal, such as one pound or even half a pound. The reason for this is that exercise will cause the growth of muscles, also known as “bulking”. As muscles weigh more than fat, this can cause the number on the scale to shrink more slowly than if you were simply pursuing weight loss on its own without the addition of exercise.

As we suggested with weight loss above, you should keep your gym goals realistic. Keyholders, don’t overwork your slave or force him to over-train to the point of exhaustion or permanent physical damage. Chastity slaves, don’t try to take on more than you can actually handle in a misguided attempt to make your keyholder proud. If you’re looking for a safe, healthy place to start out, try 30-45 minute gym sessions 4-5 times per week. In addition, don’t forget to mix cardio exercises such as running or yoga with muscle-building exercises such as weightlifting or using the various machines at the gym.

Rewards and Punishments

Man being released from handcuffs

Now we’re getting to the fun part. It’s time to talk about rewards and punishments – aka, the reason why male chastity can be so effective for helping guys shed those pesky pounds.

First, as a keyholder, you have an important decision to make: are you going to use chastity lockup as his reward/punishment, or will he stay locked up throughout? This is key because it will decide how you structure your entire system of rewards and punishments.

If you and your pet do not have a permanent chastity relationship, or if you prefer short-term lockups to longer ones, it is potentially feasible to use chastity as a reward or punishment. For example, meeting his weekly goal means that his cock gets to stay free and unlocked for another week, while failing gets him put instantly into his chastity device for several days with no chance of freedom unless he successfully loses the weight by next week.

However, it is important to note that if you or your partner will be in permanent lockup during the period of weight loss, it cannot be used as a reward or punishment. He will become accustomed to and even enjoy his lockup, so the mere thought of getting released for a few days if he succeeds or locked up again if he fails will not be a sufficient motivator to keep meeting his weekly weight loss goals.

That’s why, here at Lock the Cock, we prefer permanent chastity with a reward and punishment system based on his orgasm. What is that, exactly? Well, it’s pretty simple. You or your chastity slave will stay locked up in you or his cock cage throughout the entire weight loss process. There will be no chance of being unlocked for more than a few hours, even if the weight is successfully lost.

His Orgasm Should Be the Reward


Instead, if the chastity slave successfully meets the weekly (or biweekly, or monthly, depending on the system you choose) weight loss goal, he will be rewarded with an orgasm. He will be unlocked from his cage and given a full orgasm, NOT a ruined one or a prostate milking. Of course, the keyholder can decide how to administer that orgasm – through penetration, oral or manual stimulation, or using toys – but it WILL be given.

We understand. You’re probably a bit confused right now. That sounds extremely kind and forgiving, and not at all like the usual sort of thing which we would recommend for keyholders to do.

But what you need to understand is this: while a man is locked up in chastity, his orgasm is the greatest reward he can receive – and thus his greatest motivator. It’s no secret that a man with his cock locked in a cage will do ANYTHING for an orgasm. It’s completely out of his control. He’s at the mercy of his keyholder, and he knows it – and therefore will be completely willing to do anything necessary to earn his release.

Weight loss is hard. It takes time, energy and motivation. It’s a long term commitment, compared to the simpler and more finite chore lists which a keyholder usually provides to his or her slave. Many people around the world fail at their weight loss goals every single day. And every year, the gyms fill to the brim at New Year’s but gradually empty out as resolution after weight loss focused resolution is broken.

You or your partner will ONLY be sufficiently motivated to lose weight if the reward is an orgasm. That’s all there is to it. Keyholders, if you want your man to shed those pounds, orgasm control is the greatest tool you have available to you. So use it! Promise him an orgasm for every two pounds lost or every goal met, and deliver it. He’ll be leaner and fitter than ever in no time!

Now, if you find your partner meeting his every single goal, that does NOT mean you should take away orgasms as his reward. Instead, make the conditions for meeting the reward tougher. Give him two weeks to lose 5 pounds, for example, instead of one week to lose two. Or, pair his weight loss with additional tasks, such as long chore lists or pleasure sessions (for you, not him!) in order to make earning his orgasm more difficult.

However, once he has earned the reward, give it to him. If the reward is only a “chance” of orgasm instead of a guaranteed one, he will never reach a sufficient level of motivation to complete the weight loss program.

The Punishment Should Be Cruel

Man tied to door

Now, having discussed rewards at sufficient length, it is time to turn to the always delicious topic of punishments. The first and most important rule is this:

Failure should NEVER be rewarded and ALWAYS be punished.

If a chastity slave fails to meet his weight loss goal, he is to be punished immediately. It does not matter if he “almost made it,” if his keyholder is exhausted or simply doesn’t feel like it. The punishment should be delivered. Without both the threat of punishment and the knowledge that that punishment will be carried out if he fails, a chastity pet will never properly work up the motivation to stick to his weight loss program.

Next, we recommend that keyholders make their locked up partners aware exactly what the punishment will be each time. Sure, fear of the unknown is a very real phenomenon, and can sometimes be an effective one, but we find that chastity slaves are far more motivated if they know exactly the world of hurt they are going to enter should they fail to drop those pounds. A man in chastity will have a sharper mind and greater ability to focus on one thing than one whose cock is free and not locked up. Take advantage of this fact and clearly detail the punishment you will give him, and he’ll be thinking about it all week as he exercises and strives to meet his goal – or else!

The next point is one which may initially seem extremely strange: denying him his orgasm will often not be a sufficient punishment. Wait, what? you’re probably asking right about now. But earlier, you said that orgasm denial was a keyholder’s most powerful weapon, didn’t you?

Yes, we did say that, and it is true. However, it is also a well-documented fact that, if a man goes too long without an orgasm, it actually becomes easier to wait patiently until his next one rather than harder. Days and days spent locked up with no hope of release merely become “more of the same”. If he fails to meet his weight loss goal one week, he’ll realize “oh, the consequences of failure aren’t THAT bad after all” and be consequently even less motivated to succeed the following week.

Therefore, our recommendation is this: make the punishment worse and worse each week of the program. If you’re just starting your chastity slave on his very first weight loss regimen, the punishment for his first week’s failure may in fact be “no orgasm”. But then, if he fails the second week, it will be “no orgasm AND a thorough spanking”. Keep on adding more and more punishments in this manner to keep him on his toes.

If you’re looking for inspiration, some of our other favorite punishments include:

  • Extended teases, in which you get him RIGHT to the edge and then immediately stop and put him back in the cage
  • Ruined orgasms / prostate milking sessions
  • Additions to the usual list of chores and tasks which he must perform to serve his Mistress or Master
  • Time spent in bondage or wearing sensory deprivation gear such as blindfolds, hoods or earmuffs
  • Spankings, canings, whippings, testicle torture, or any other form of physical punishment delivered by the keyholder

Our last tip for effective motivation is to adapt your punishments to make sure that the punishment is always something he really, REALLY wants to avoid. If you threaten spanking two weeks in a row and he consistently fails, it’s clearly not working as a motivator, so move on to caning or ball-busting instead. If you punish him by forcing him to cook dinner for you while wearing lace panties and he actually enjoys it, then he won’t consider it a punishment in future weeks.

Do not be afraid to arbitrarily add additional layers to his upcoming punishment whenever you feel like it. As a keyholder, this is your constant right and prerogative. Remember, every punishment is actually helping him gain motivation and move closer to his goal. You’re doing this for his own good – AND your own pleasure at the same time. It’s a win-win situation!

The Scales of Blind Justice

Scales of justice

If you or your partner is going to be losing weight while in chastity, make sure to keep a scale in your home for regular, accurate weigh-ins. A simple bathroom scale will suffice. However, keyholders, do not keep the scale “out” where your chastity slave can weigh himself. He should not know if he has succeeded or failed until his next weigh-in. If he knows he’s doing well or has already succeeded, he will be far less scared of any potential punishment and can quickly become lazy or complacent.

If you want to keep your chastity slave even further on his toes, you can conduct his weigh-ins while he is blindfolded and not reveal whether he passed or failed until you choose to. If you want, you can even begin teasing him without telling him the number, so he will not know whether he will be getting an orgasm or a painful tease followed by another week spent locked up! After all, even if he’s being a very good boy and meeting his every goal, he should never be allowed to forget that you are the one in control at all times and that he belongs fully and totally to you.

How Your Man Will Lose Weight

Man preparing healthy food

We’ve talked at length about both rewards and punishments as well as the psychological reasoning behind why a male chastity lifestyle pairs so well with weight loss. However, we have yet to discuss what will actually need to happen for the weight loss to occur.

After all, no matter how motivated he is, the weight won’t start to go down until he actually starts working toward it. Weight loss is a difficult process which requires focus, consistency and commitment.

If you’re unsure of how to get started, try scheduling a meeting with a nutritionist or a personal trainer. They can give detailed suggestions specifically based on you or your partner’s body type, overall physical condition, and specific dietary restrictions such as allergies. We strongly recommend that you do this before beginning a weight loss program. None of the staff members here at Lock the Cock are certified medical or nutritional professionals, and none of our tips should be considered official medical or professional advice.

However, we have compiled a short list of handy tips to help you get started. In our opinion, the best and most straightforward paths to weight loss are:

  • Diet and nutrition. Decide on a calorie goal for each day (a nutritionist can recommend a good amount to start with) and stick to it. Use a food diary or mobile app such as MyFitnessPal to record daily calories. Record EVERYTHING you eat, including drinks and snacks
  • Meal planning. During the weekend, decide on and prepare your meals for the upcoming week. Make sure to stick to your daily calorie goal and do not go over. Your meals should consist primarily of protein as well as vegetables and some fruits. Limit or entirely cut out carbohydrates and especially fats and sugars.
  • Cutting out alcohol and unhealthy foods. If you or your partner find you are “too hooked” on something unhealthy, like alcohol or chocolate, don’t be afraid to cut it out entirely. Cold turkey quitting is more effective than ever before with the addition of a male chastity lockup. Don’t forget that calories can come from unexpected sources – that Starbucks drink or beer you had the other day probably contains way more unhealthy ingredients than you ever imagined!
  • Regular exercise. If there’s a gym in your area, try out a membership for you and/or your partner. (Exercising together is super fun and a great motivator!) If there’s not, pair outdoor walks, runs or hikes with indoor stretches and muscle-building exercises. Fitness websites and video sharing sites such as YouTube have many examples of exercise routines you can perform entirely at home using common household items. Alternately, try joining a local sports team, club or meetup group!

Again, weight loss is a difficult task. We all know. We’ve been there before. However, never forget that it IS doable and it IS achievable. With a combination of healthy diet and calorie counting and regular exercise, you or your chastity partner WILL be able to successfully meet the set goals!

Keyholders Can Join In, Too!

Two men running in the sunset

Keyholders will not have the additional motivating factor which being locked in chastity provides. However, they are still more than welcome to join in on the path of weight loss along with their chaste partner. Preparing healthy meals and exercising together can be great bonding activities for couples, and the excitement of participating in a shared journey towards a shared goal can be a motivating factor all of its own!

If you are a keyholder who plans to lose weight alongside your chastity pet, try setting similar goals so the two of you can work together and there is no feeling of resentment that one has to lose so much more weight so much faster than the other. Also, feel free to come up with rewards for yourself if you meet your goal.

Of course, you can use your chastity slave as part of those rewards. Have him buy you a nice present, or give you a foot massage, or eat you out until you orgasm three times in a row. The great thing about being the one in control is that you get to decide on what the rewards will be – both his and your own!

Male chastity is so much more than just a shared sexual lifestyle. It is an intimate experience which has been proven to bring couples closer together. And it’s also an amazing way for both partners – but especially the chastity slaves out there! – to use the incomparably powerful tool of orgasm control and denial to improve themselves. So, couples of the world, we strongly encourage you to give it a try! You’ll be surprised exactly how much a man is willing to do simply to earn an orgasm – and how much he will be able to achieve with such a release as his reward!

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